Good health condition is very critical for every human being. Some people are careless on matters related to sexual health and fail to give it the required attention. The process of neglecting the sexual health is very common in the developing countries.

From Worlsfscsfsfsffd Health Organization statistics, various factors ranging from attitudes and sexual behavior and societal factors and genetic predisposition influence sexual health. Every human being should in a good mental, emotional, physical and social being to carry out day to day activities. Therefore, a respectful and positive approach is necessary to maintain good sexual health status.


Gender-based violence

Physical and psychological problems are the major terrible experiences associated with sexual violence. Sexual health is also affected by a person’s health condition. Anguish and great pain are normally experienced by women who encounter sexual assault in their lifetime. Women are also subjected to unwanted pregnancy when they are faced with sexual assault such as rape and find it difficult to cope with the situation and lead to mental strain.

Mental health and other chronic illness also pose a problem to one’s reproductive and sexual health. Increased levels of sexually transmitted diseases have been reported in the developed countries with teenagers. This calls for self-awareness among these teens that are in their adolescence stage. Educating the teenagers on the use and importance of contraceptives should also be done to reduce the increasing levels of unwanted pregnancies.

Sexual health being part of reproductive health should always be addressed attentively. Gender-based violence should be addressed by law enforcing agencies to reduce any psychological torture and problems associated with it especially to ladies. Proper guidance is of paramount importance to the young generation to reduce all the risks involved with the early sexual activity. Difficulty in accessing adequate knowledge, social factors and money problems to address these issues are some of the challenges facing the developing countries.

Sexual health and HIV/AIDSnjkhiohhjhh

According to research from World ban, a third of all ailments among middle-aged women in developing countries are directly related to childbirth, pregnancy, abortion, human immunodeficiency virus, reproductive tract infections and the commonly Acquired Immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS). Indiscrimination among women and gender inequality in the developing countries are the leading causes of the sexual health related problems. These countries are also faced with increasing number of HIV/AIDS patients and associated deaths.

Appropriate health programs and campaign should be adopted to create awareness as well as increasing reproductive and sexual health among women to reduce the risk factors.

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