You have probably experienced some sort of burning sensation within the chest area. This could be as a result of excessive acidity in the stomach. This is what is commonly referred to as heart burn and is brought about by a number of factors. It sort of feels as though you are swallowing some hot lava which corrodes the walls of your chest. Experiencing it times without number tends to enable you to develop some level of immunity against it. It is not really clear how heart burn can be done away with for good.

Causes of heart burn

2Heart burn does not just emerge out of the blue. It is caused as a result of factors that could occur naturally. It could also be triggered as a result of our actions. Here are some of the causes you might be familiar with;

  • Some of the foods in which we partake trigger acidity levels. In turn, the stomach is overburdened with having to deal with it and pushes it back up. You then begin to feel like your chest is on fire courtesy of what you just ate.
  • Staying hungry for too long. It is advised that you should not wait till your hunger pangs begin to grumble. If you had your breakfast at the right time, you should be in the position to tell what time you are ready for a snack or lunch.
  • Dehydration. It is basic knowledge to most of us that water is a neutral liquid. This means that it is able to bring down the acidity levels in the stomach. Failure to which could lead to the highest level of heart burn.

Preventive measures

You have heard it said that prevention is better than cure. You should not wait till it gets worse than it is. Start acting as soon as you get the opportunity. Here are some preventive measures we can’t afford to skip;

  • Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated will keep the acidic levels in your stomach at bay. This is to say that drinking water will instead bring a wave of neutrality within the walls of the esophagus.
  • Chew on some fruit or carrot. This helps in neutralizing the acidic effects that may arise unexpectedly. Besides, you will be killing two birds with one stone because you are nourishing your metabolism in this way.
  • Take plenty of milk as well as other sources of protein. In short, ensure that your meals are balanced. When your plate only seems to be graced by carbs in every meal, start making the necessary adjustments. Heart burn is normally caused by this kind of imbalance.

Symptoms of heart burn

3This is an equally important part of this article as it sheds light on the true effects of heart burn. Basically, there is some sort of burning corrosive feeling that tends to linger on for some time.

When nothing is done, this feeling will only die down for a couple of minutes then come back. Which is why you are advised to take action even at the slightest feeling of a burning sensation. The sooner you act the better it will be for your peace of mind.

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